Steak Rubs

Baked Mac and Cheese Recipe for the Smoker or Grill

Baked Macaroni on the Smoker

Apple & Cinnamon Sausage Recipe

Apple & Cinnamon Sausage Recipe

BBQ Sausage and Wine Recipes

Andouille Sausage Recipe

Andouille Sausage Recipe

24 Hour Coleslaw

24 Hour Coleslaw is a quick and easy way to make a favorited side dish the day before any cookout ...

1948 Barbecue Sauce

In 1948, Charlie Vergos cleaned out a basement below his diner, discovered a coal chute, and started a legend. The ...

BBQ baked beans with apples & pulled pork BBQ

When you smoke meats, you often times are left with a little bit extra when the day is done, here ...

Simple breakfast sausage recipe

Simple Breakfeast Sausage Recipe

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BBQ Grilled Chicken

When is Chicken Done?

Chicken is one meat I do not use an internal meat temperature probe with while cooking. I cook chicken by time and pit temperature since it is fairly easy to do and most chicken pieces are of uniform shape and size. If you just happen to get extra-large thighs or it is extra cold...

What is Basting or Mopping BBQ?

BBQ Mopping Mopping, basting, spritzing - they all achieve the same affect so its really more about preference and convenience. While a bit different than brining, injecting, or marinating, it's all about keeping the meat moist while enhancing flavor and is often used in conjunction with the above methods. Mopping is just that - you use a small mop modeled...

Starting your Fire

Starting your fire If you have a gas or electric grill all you have to do is flip a switch, but for a charcoal or wood fire, there's a bit more work. For starting charcoal, lump, and wood we recommend you avoid liquid fire starters as they often leave a bad taste in the...